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We're Not your Traditional Accountants.

We do accounting different.

What makes Flower

We build real and meaningful relationships, person to person

We don’t get excited by fancy spreadsheets or accounting standards or formatting accounts for filing at Companies House; we get excited by building relationships and offering real insight and seeing people and businesses flower.

We tap into cloud technology to save you time and help you grow

They say that data is the new oil so let’s use it to fuel your growth. We make sense of your numbers and present our updates in plain English. If you’re on track we’ll tell you, whilst if something isn’t quite working we can discuss why and consider a different approach. We want you to achieve all of your goals and our promise is to be as vested in them as you are. We’ll hold a mirror up to you and keep you true to yourself and your hopes and dreams.

We’re experienced but we’re far from traditional

All of our team are qualified (and Continuing Professional Development is undertaken daily as part of our culture) but we’re shaking things up! You’ll not find us sat behind a desk in a grey M&S suit up to our necks in paper files; our approach is fresh and forged in today’s world.

The Flower. Story

“Our purpose is to enrich lives by figuring out what truly matters to our clients and how to get them there.”

“I set up Flower to offer a level of support to small and medium-sized business owners over and above what I’d been able to provide previously. I wanted to work with fewer clients at a far deeper level and to address what I saw as a huge hole in the finance function of most small and medium-sized businesses.

I suppose on the one hand Flower was born out f frustration – at having more to offer business owners as an accountant, I felt – and it was also about freedom.

Who is in business if not for freedom of some sort, and why do most business owners so quickly lose sight of the end goal?

I’d spent the last decade working with owner-managed businesses and the time was right to hop off the corporate ladder and take some of my own medicine! I now run my own owner-managed business and service other owner-managed businesses, and whilst my technical skills revolve around numbers and tax, my passion is for people.

For this reason, our purpose is simply to figure out what truly matters to our clients and how to get them there.

Too many business owners work too hard for too little – they become slaves to the business and this has to stop.

My promise to you is to be as vested in your goals as you are, so let’s figure out what really matters and get going building a business that delivers in every way.”

Gordie Smyth Founder & Managing Director
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Our purpose
and values

Value 1

Be Human

Business is about people and every person is unique

Value 2

Be Transparent

Our fees are fixed and agreed in advance so no surprises, ever

Value 3

Be There

When you need us, we’re there for you

Our Purpose

“To enrich lives by figuring out what truly matters to our clients and how to get them there.”

Value 4

Be Exceptional

Being good at what we do isn’t good enough

Value 5

Be progressive

To stand still is to go backwards; we’ll not rest on our laurels

Value 6

Be Bold

If in doubt, go for it!

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