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Franchise Your Business with Flower.

Accounting for business owners looking to franchise and scale.

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Preston based Franchise Accountants helping Franchisors and Franchisees nationwide. At Flower. we’re experts in taking a deep dive into businesses to identify if they’re franchise ready, if we think your business is franchise-ready, we’ll provide you with the tools, support, and services to scale your franchise in record time and assist your franchisees with their growth too. If you’re not ready to franchise your business, we can help you get franchise-ready.

Is your business

As approved Franchise Accountants one of the most common questions we get asked is “How will I know if my business is ready to be franchised?”, which is a fairly difficult question to answer, as there are a lot of factors that could affect the success. But here are a few questions you should be asking yourself when considering whether or not to proceed down the route of franchising.

  • Do you have a clear brand, vision, mission and USP?  Launching a successful franchise is more than having a good business idea, you’ll need a strong brand, vision, message and USP that will stand out and translate across different locations.
  • Does your business make a profit? Would-be franchisors will want to see that the business makes money, a rough rule of thumb is 3 years of steady profit, growth and future growth potential.
  • Is your product or service credible? With longevity and broad appeal?  Franchisors tend to look at the long term, the product or service must be one that will withstand the test of time and be capable of development and expansion and be resilient to market changes.
  • Can your business be easily replicated? Can you teach your business? An ideal franchise is based upon something that other people can be trained in to replicate its success.
  • Do you have the capital and time to invest? There are various outlays to be considered (which Flower. can advise on and help with)
  • Do you have the time/ systems in place to support franchisees?  Looking beyond the actual launch of your franchise package, you’ll need to support your franchises as they grow and ensure systems are in place to help them grow too.
  • Have YOU got the right mindset and support to become a franchisor? Franchise success can depend on the mindset and personality of the franchisor, have YOU got what it takes? And do you have the right team by your side to make it a reality?

Why Should I Choose Flower. as my Franchise Partner?


We'll help you scale your franchise business faster

At Flower. we do accounting differently, we take a tailored approach to all our client’s businesses and Franchise businesses are no different.

We take a personal approach to building a relationship and really understanding you and your business and franchise goals.

We want to step into your business and make things happen and help your new franchise business scale in record time. We provide the tools, support, and services you need for success.

Your franchise is in safe hands

We give you support in every area you need and more.

Onboarding – From business structure considerations, company formation, HMRC registrations and finance function implementation and training, we provide a seamless Onboarding Journey.

Business and Tax Advice – Delivered consistently across the franchise network from a partner who knows the business inside out, we help maximise profitability and minimise tax exposure.

Compliance – Protect the reputation of your franchise with compliant accounts and tax returns prepared by a qualified accountant.

Reporting – Using one chart of accounts across the whole network, we ensure that all financial transactions are recorded in the same way, protecting the integrity of the data and allowing for accurate reports and benchmark analysis to drive performance. We also ensure that the franchisor is paid correctly by handling the Month End Close.

With the finance function taken care of, you’ll sell more franchises, retain more franchisees, save a huge amount of time and make more money.

We are Approved Franchise Professionals

Flower. are verified partners of the Quality Franchise Association.  In 2020, Flower. MD Gordie Smyth was invited to sit on the QFA Board.

Step 1: We'll have a chat to get to know you and your business

  • We’ll discuss whether franchising is the right step for you and if your business is ready
  • If it is: We’ll get to know you and your business, your goals and your plans for franchising and how we can help you hit your goals
  • If it isn’t: We can advise you on the steps needed to get your business franchise-ready

Step 2: We'll put together a bespoke franchise plan

  • We’ll put together a plan that covers onboarding, business and tax advice, compliance and reporting
  • We’ll get to know your business inside out so we can help maximise profitability and minimise tax exposure
  • We’ll work with our trusted network of franchise professionals to guide you through the entire process


  • We’ll be an extension of your team, in your corner, vested in your success. Let’s do it together!
  • We’ll help you scale your franchise and replicate success across your franchise network
  • We’ll help your franchisees understand the key metrics, cash flow and tax considerations and be a trusted partner for them too.

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