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Switching your accountant: everything you need to know

Switching your accountant: everything you need to know

Let’s be clear: It’s not difficult or a hassle to switch your accountant.

In fact it’s incredibly straightforward.  You simply let your existing accountant know that you’re looking to freshen things up, triggering your notice period, and we’ll do the rest.

It’s not personal and it’s simple and yet so many business owners stay put.

It strikes me that many business owners prefer the certainty of an underwhelming relationship than the uncertainty of change.  I absolutely understand this because we all live busy lives (too busy) and humans and uncertainty don’t do well together!

I’ll say this: If you’ve not experienced the value of a great accountant and business adviser then you probably have a false perception of what an accountant does and can do.

I’m not suggesting that all other accountants are bad – of course not – rather, that far too many accountants spread themselves too thin and they’re unable to provide an amazing service as a result.

I set up Flower to work with fewer clients at a far deeper level; to offer services ranging from Bookkeeper to Payroll Manager to Management Accountant to Chief Financial Officer on an outsourced basis.

We want to work with ambitious business owners and we want to be integral to their journey.

We can add value in so many ways once we understand where you are now, where you want to get to and what obstacles are in your path.

What we don’t want is this: “My current accountant is rubbish and I want it cheaper, can you help?”

There’s an issue here, an obvious contradiction.  It’s like taking a pair of shoes back to Primark and saying: “The quality of these is rubbish, can I have a look at a cheaper pair?”

If you’re looking for a “cheap” accountant there’s loads of them about – away you go and best of luck to you, genuinely.

If you’re looking for the best value for money – and we’re not expensive – then please reach out and let’s have a chat and a coffee over Zoom, where I’ll seek first to understand before explaining our simple 7-step Onboarding Journey.

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